10 Business Chores You Can Move Online

Business owner? Webmaster? Got enough time? No, thought not. Running a business or a website is an exercise in managing your time. Each and every hour must count. Large businesses can throw big resources at these things, but you need to use your ingenuity to find a much more effective solution.

However, in contrast to large businesses, you can move quicker. Technology can level the playing field and big businesses struggle to innovate because their size makes changing difficult and costly.

Web-based cloud applications are the perfect tool to obtain a competitive edge over larger competitors. The right application utilized the right way can assist you to get much more done. Here are ten business chores you are able to move online:

1.Keeping track of customers

Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-line or Highrise let you maintain track of consumer interactions on-line.

2. Invoicing

Get your invoices out sooner and get paid quicker with on-line tools like Fresh Books.


Microsoft adCenter and Google AdWords can assist you reach new clients online.

4.Writing proposals

If you write a lot of proposals, attempt Quoteroller. It’ll speed up the process.

5. Bookkeeping

The most annoying yet essential job in the world – perhaps Xero will make things easier.

6. Finding freelancers

Need a bit extra assistance? Try Elance or oDesk

7. Time tracking

Have a look at Toggle, it’s an excellent way to track those billable hours.

8. Email and calendar management

Previously a server was the best way to do this, but now Google Apps is the best solution.

9. HR admin

Check out Turbine for time off requests, appraisals, HR records, expenses etc.

10. Recruitment

On-line advertising on Monster and LinkedIn can be very effective.

Guest post written by Helen Clough for IT Support Company – Integral IT.

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  1. The internet does provide a very convenient means of communicating with your customers. Whether it’s something like Skype, a social media site like Facebook, or even something as simple as email… going online to keep track of your customers has become quite convenient, while providing you an opportunity to connect with potential customers.

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