Best Holiday Travel Apps for Flight, Cars, and Kids

Best Holiday Travel Apps For Flight, Cars, And KidsAs we enter the heat of the holiday season, stress picks up as the deadline for Christmas gifts and holiday party dishes approach. And THEN you have to get where you’re going when the day finally comes. To make your life a little easier this holiday season while travelling, here are a few of the best iPhone and Android travel apps for Flight, Road Travel, and Travelling with Kids.

Best Flight Apps

Kayak iPhoneAndroid(FREE)

Kayak should be nothing new to the avid traveler, but I can’t chance someone not knowing about this app. Kayak too has a flight tracker, but also converts currencies and ensures you remember everything with a built-in packing list. Oh, and it compares the top four travel websites for hotels, airlines, and car rentals so you find the best deal, like a downtown Chicago hostel for thirty bucks a night.

FlightTrack – iPhoneAndroid ($4.99 or $9.99 for the Pro edition)

Flight TrackPro checks your flight status with live updates with real-time itinerary updates and also includes gate & baggage claim info. Unsure about the weather’s plans for your flight? The weather radar forecasts will easy your mind and the delay forecasts should help you decide whether you’ll need a hotel or not.

GateGuru - iPhoneAndroid(FREE)

Okay, so your flight gets delayed. Now what? This searchable airport directory app shows you all the restaurants and retail shops so you know all your options before squandering around the airport for that next book to read.

Best Road Apps

GasBook – iPhone (FREE)

Especially when visiting big, expensive cities after exhausting a tank of gas touring all weekend, GasBook is a free travel app to help you fill up for the cheapest price in town. Reward yourself for your brilliance with that extra money and buy a candy bar and a Coke or one of those goofy gas station souvenirs.

Roadside America - iPhone($2.99)

Ever see the quirky antique mall or intriguing winery as you drive along the highway but never have time to stop? This nifty road guru recommends thousands of top spots on the way to your destination. All you have to do is build a little extra time into your trip and you’re guaranteed to return home with a good story or two.

Urbanspoon - iPhone(FREE)

Stopping into town for a little rest before another long day of driving and want to experience the local’s best vittles around? UrbanSpoon sorts nearby restaurants by location, cuisine, price, and even reviews.

Best Travel Apps for Kids

Family Matters – iPhone($1.99)

Family Matters is the perfect app for a family looking to bond closer together and learn a little more about one another. It can even center questions based on your location, so perhaps you and your child will find you have the same movie star aspirations in Hollywood!

Route 66: Road Trip Fun - iPhone($0.99)

If you remember playing road trip games as a kid and somehow forget them all, the Route 66 app will show you the way back to all your favorites. This app offers tons of games with instructions guaranteed to make your family closer and your car ride feel much shorter.

iGot Shotgun - iPhone($0.99)

Stop the arguing over who gets the front seat with this problem-solving travel app. Just enter your passengers names and iGot Shotgun will deem one the winner of the front seat. Unless you like to play the “Shotgun” game, of course…

Nate Schrader - Best Holiday Travel Apps For Flight, Cars, And KidsAuthor Bio: When he’s not writing about how to use an electric converter for the confused traveler, Nate Schrader of is off exploring the world as much as he can while diving into art museums, outdoor trails, and the local craft beer scene.

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  1. Nice! With all the holiday travel coming, this is just perfect, and as I’m driving with my wife and kids to my cousin’s in Kansas before we all fly together to Chicago to see the grandparent’s for Christmas, I’ll be able to use something from all three categories you listed! I love Urbanspoon but have been looking for a gas-finder app, and GasBuck looks perfect for it. I think I’ll pick up GateGuru and Flight Tracker to make sure we’re up to date on delays and departures. For the kids we already use the TV Everywhere app from my job at DISH, and it’s perfect…it will allow them to watch live or recorded shows right off our home receiver using the app and my iPad, so they can be entertained during the long drive and I can watch my local news in Denver while I’m in Chicago. I think I’ll try out the Family Matters app too. The road trip games app looks pretty sweet too, as long as it has the license plate game! Anyway, great list, and thanks again…this looks like you have just about everything I needed.

  2. My iPad is packed with travel apps. I like downloading them because most have a lot of functions rolled into them. Hmmm… I’ve heard about Urbanspoon from my friends, and they said the recommended pig out spots are great. I’ll download it ASAP.

  3. It would be nice to have these on the road, but please be cautious and drive carefully at all times! The best time to play or use these apps is when the family’s hitting the best stop-over restaurant in a place. So it’s beest to fully charge your mobile gadgets and bring the chargers along! ;)

  4. I love my Android and it is a must for any journey either long or small. I mostly use on a tour are Google Map and GTranslate. The apps suggested are really nice and would be looking forward for them.

  5. These are really nice! I loved the games we played in the back seat as children on long trips. You had to be so creative for hours of sitting. These apps are perfect. I loved the little hardboard cards we had, where you had to locate an item shown. When you found it, you could slide the plastic window over it. We played bingo with them. Fun!

  6. @Carrie long are gone those days of playing games in the backseat verbally. These kids have sooooooo many gadgets it’s kind of ridiculous lol. But these apps are pretty cool. Especially Urbanspoon and Gasbook. Great resource nschrader

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