Safe Online Shopping Tips (Infographic)

Holidays are coming. Presents are to be bought. Today more and more people buy online. It is very easy and actually in some cases it can even be cheaper. And you do not have to go to the store, wait or bump into other people and huge crowds.

But there could be some downsides, like the risk of security issues. There are all kinds of viruses, hackers, spam or scam emails trying to get your PayPal password and so on. The internet is full of these things, and we have to be careful. Take a look at this colorful infographic and see several tips on how to do your online shopping safe.

Safe Online Shopping Tips (Infographic)

Via: Trend Micro

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3 thoughts on “Safe Online Shopping Tips (Infographic)

  1. you can shop at lessor know shops if you are careful and do you homework. Before I buy anything from a site that is not one of the big ones. I do my research. I look up the site and look for reviews. Sometimes I will type in the sites name followed by scam. Like “ABCtoys scam”. You would be surprised what comes up sometimes.

  2. Personally I like to review ANY product I purchase online. So I read a lot of reviews from review sites or on Amazon. Next I look for the best deals and most times they aren’t a go because the site has to be a secure one. So I “TOTALLY” agree with Tip #5. There are A LOT of deals out here and Amazon and Ebay aren’t the only ones selling wholesale you HAVE TO shop around

  3. Yes, there are a lot of fraud going on nowadays, as well as in online web. Since it’s not physical which is online, it’s harder to see which is true and untrue than shopping in a real store. These are really the things we should do and consider on shopping online. It’s also enjoyable to buy online things because it’s a little bit different and there are items that are very unique. The main thing is that we should be careful and verify all the transaction before releasing money. Thanks for sharing this useful infographics, it’s really useful.

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