Samsung Galaxy Ace Mid-Range Phone

Samsung Galaxy Ace Mid-Range PhoneWith Samsung one of the modern age’s electronic darlings, the Ace was clearly going to get a lot of attention upon its release – and it has. So what does the phone have going for it – does it stand out? And is it better than other mid-range phone deals?

Well one of the premium competitors is the HTC Wildfire S and the Ace just seems to be put together in a number of ways better than the HTC. The Taiwanese made phone is for one thing not nearly as pretty as the Ace with its aluminium body and slim bezel. Its screen also lacks when compared to the Samsung, which has a clearer LCD panel than the HTC. This runs through for the premium phones and you must say that Samsung has learned a thing or two in this area, probably mainly due to years of producing TVs.

The Samsung is also one of the most powerful in the range, though there are a number of 800MHz phones out there from Sony and HTC among others the Samsung feels that little bit more responsive and has a better browsing experience, partially due to the screen and some nice innovations that make it simpler and easier to use. Our only real issue with it was its lack of ability to play Flash online.

The device also has a great camera, though it is fairly on par with much else of what is out there. We still enjoyed the snapper and it comes with some nice applications and there is always the chance to add more via the Android Market option – Polaroid effects for all.

Battery life however is the best in the whole of the field and the phone can remain charged for two days and two nights when fully connected to Wi-Fi and all the other options. This is an impressive feat, especially considering it has a larger screen than many others mid rage phones and this is usually a contributing factor in short battery life.

The device also has Android 2.2 which is quite okay, HTC’s Wildfire S has Android 2.3 and so is that bit slicker than the Samsung. Its HTC Sense overlay is also a bit better than Samsung’s TouchWiz option and so it is perhaps better in this area.

The Samsung is a very strong competitor and is probably one of the best devices as you can see if not the best – giving an all round experience.

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9 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Ace Mid-Range Phone

  1. The Android open market has again raged a battle for dominance among the leading cell phone manufacturers. The customers are getting benefited with this competition. The Samsung is also providing a large range of its smart phones with Bada platform but Android being loved more by the masses.

  2. Samsung ace is users friendly, every individuals are desiring it after significant its performance, it’s inexpensive value with high-ends services and it’s better it because of the designed and easy to use it… I’m indebted with the post…

  3. A nice variant of the galaxy s, it’s much cheaper and also has the same feel of the Galaxy s, Only downside i can see on this is the resolution of the screen compared to the galaxy s.

  4. Sumsung touch phone is my favorite phone.Many great features about sumsung touch phone.I think all people very well about sumsung touch.Display is very nice and clear and really very smooth touch and lot of feature provide sumsung with affordable prize.My opinion is very latest feature of sumsung touch provide map facility.

  5. Samsung really looks too be taking off in the smartphone arena. Their phones area all use the Android systems which people seem to love. I can see from the comments above that the Ace is very user friendly which is obviously a vital key to popularity.

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